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Health & Life Coaching

transform farther, faster and forever with dedicated support your way


Hello! I'm Lisa Ellstrom, a certified Health and Life Coach -and transformational guide on your path to a more deeply connected, lighter and happier YOU!

I have the experience, the resources and the kindness to insure your success as we navigate your way toward the changes that work for you- for the extended stay!!!

Figuring out your path -getting to and staying on it- and the CHANGE required to get there can be overwhelming. Doing life differently than you are used to doing it IS challenging! Habits of being are deeply ingrained and most of us need help to transform our relationships, health, life purpose... Sometimes life sails by smoothly, but at this moment in time it is leaving you wanting something different. You don't know how or where to begin. Your body and mind are telling you:

"NOW is the time to make some changes! NO more hiding!"

This is why you are seeking out the right guidance and coaching fit for you.

That's the most important first step.

Cheers to YOU! Cheers FOR YOU!!

Open Road Coaching is here as your map, your inspiration and your accountability. Together we will not only uncover what is holding you back from the change you want in your relationship with your HEALTH , your SELF and the other folks on your path, but to then accelerate you into THRIVE -MODE where the sky is the limit!


Thoughts create Beliefs

Beliefs create Feelings

Feelings create Behaviors

Behaviors create Results

...they all stack up to Today.

Have the actions you've been taking created the results you desire?

You know what you don't want because that's what you've currently got-all or in part. Have you gotten stuck getting to what it is that you DO want?

All of it?

Any of it?

When we work together you will uncover and rewire the thought patterns and behaviors that have you stuck. You will get the steps, system and accountability to get you to the outcomes that you DO want.


Doing this work and creating those changes will be an amazing and incredibly important time in your life and that time is NOW!

Choose a Discovery Session below that fits you best and let's get goin'!

Schedule a call below

All Discovery Calls are free of charge but are full of value!

There is no commitment involved, just connection.

Please choose what best fits your needs....


Health Discovery Session
30 minutes

Do you have a dieting history that has proven to be more of a reoccurring  short story with the same frustrated ending? In this call we will bring clarity as to why you are now ready for lasting change and uncover at least 2 habits that you didn't realize are the reasons you keep writing the same unsatisfactory ending to your story. Re-runs be gone!

helping hands

Life Discovery Session
30 minutes

In today's world, if you have a pulse, then you have 

S T R E S S!!!

If you feel like no one understands you or you never have enough (fill in the blank), or if there is something in life that you are dedicated to changing then we will work together to identify, rethink and manage stuck points in the areas of relationships/career/money/etc. It is the road less traveled but it is sooo worth taking the time to get pointed in the direction that serves you! This will be a life changing experience.


Get to Know Me-
Are we a good fit?

20 minutes

Not sure about me.... I get that! Ours will be a deeply personal journey.  Stuff will come up. You want to feel me out to see if you like my approach, my style, my sense of humor- ...we will have fun!

*This is also the appointment time for inquiries regarding the Reset Cleanse programs.

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