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A Bit About Me

I'm Your Experienced Health & Life Coach

There is always a story to be told. We all have them. They matter because those stories have gotten us to this point on the journey- our beginnings, our middles and ....well, tbd/not anytime soon right?! For me, recognizing the patterns of the past and wanting something inspired differently for my future, facing challenges and learning new ways of being, new ways of doing- that is where my coaching journey starts. 

My past:  Since early adulthood I have been self-studied in health, self -help/exploration and spirituality. I was greatly inspired by my first yoga instructor- who at 60+ years old easily put her foot behind her head while I (at 40) needed help to get up off the floor! So, I obtained my 200hr Yoga Teacher certificate as part of my life journey. What I learned is that yoga is much more than a well rounded physical practice. It is a Life practice! This off-road adventure provided a vast map of introspection and clarity for which I will forever be grateful.

And, I also absolutely LOVE the art of photography and have been instructing and inspiring photographers for the last 30 years. It feeds my soul to work with unique individuals who are called to this art form and can benefit from my guidance on how to create their vision- build not only their photography skills but their confidence!

The crux of coaching: guiding a journey that works for the individual- one that is achievable, sustainable and empowering. This is the role of a coach! So, I turned that same drive to serve photographers into a new life adventure for myself. But, I also needed a map of how to get there. So I found my coach, I found my school and I became a Certified Health and Life Coach!

Now, it's your time. You are the creator. I provide the system, the guidance, the accountability and the safe space to explore, that will take you- The Hero! on the journey that makes your heart sing!!!

It is my privilege to bring this amazing focused attention to the changes you want to see in your health and in your life.


Learn more about my services here.

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