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"I’m a person who needs to surround myself with positivity, happiness, and peace in my daily personal and professional life. I quickly learned during my weekly sessions with Lisa that it was me that needed to learn to be positive.  I often used the words “I can’t lose weight.”, “The scale won’t go down.”, “This will never happen.”.  As soon as Lisa encouraged me to say often and out loud “I can lose weight.”, the most remarkable thing happened - I did!  When I started on a progressive strength training program, results didn’t happen overnight. Understanding that, I dedicated my full ninety days with Lisa to following a food plan I would be happy with. I wanted to maximize my time with Lisa so well before our first session, I reviewed many options and I found the one that spoke to me (which happens to be a program called 2B Mindset). The mix of Lisa’s motivational weekly calls and resources, my workout, and my “diet”- has certainly become my recipe for success.  I look forward to working with Lisa on her next program."   -LRH

"It's about so much more than food!" -Erin F

"Before working with Lisa I was really struggling with self confidence and feeling stuck not just in my health practices, but also in my life. She helped me to rediscover my passion for living a healthy lifestyle. Lisa made me feel fearless! She is kind, intuitive, a terrific listener and a caring guide. Now I am waking up every day feeling enlivened to be living my life on purpose!! Thank you, Lisa!"
-Cynthia R.
"Controlled eating/portion control had always been an issue for me. As I got older, it caught up with me and I didn't know how to loose the excess weight for good. The idea that changed it all for me was the concept of “pace of eating.” The beginning steps to food transformation for me was HOW I eat, then what I eat became a much easier step. 

Another offshoot of our working together on my challenges with my diet -that surprised me- came from addressing issues surrounding my career and how I wasn’t feeling as accomplished as I would like to be at my age. I realized that to be successful I must first be able to define, “What is success to me?” and cite concrete examples. I was floored when most of the qualities I admired, I already That was a game changer.  

What I loved most about coaching with Lisa was how she taught me to focus the awareness we raised into living actions that had a big impact on my health and life."  

Ken K

"I had struggled with wanting to be able to fully embrace my body's intuition but didn't know how to begin diving into that. Lisa created a safe place for me to experiment with this without feeling too overwhelmed. As we continued to work together I realize that I wasn't fully living my life in other areas. My relationship with my body was hindering me in many ways and she helped me rethink my thoughts surrounding my body. I also started to practice not letting other people's opinions affect how I live my life. I truly felt "heard" when talking with Lisa and she had so many nuggets of wisdom to offer in our time together that I still think about to this day! I highly recommend Lisa as a coach…you won't regret it!"

Mary K

"I’m guessing every middle-aged woman can relate to my struggles…watching the scale constantly creep up because I’m busy and tired and can no longer mentally endure the effort of trying to lose weight because the diets and exercises that used to work for me no longer produce the results they once did.  


When Lisa reached out to me about the new venture she was embarking on as a health coach, I was honestly skeptical.  I thought there was nothing anyone can tell me that I didn’t already know.  I KNEW I needed to eat better and exercise, I believed I already had the knowledge and tools to do so, and I just had to gear myself up for the millionth time to commit to healthier choices.  Luckily for me, I signed up for coaching with Lisa, more so to help a friend start her business than because I was excited to do something for myself.  What I’m trying to say is- Lisa started with an unmotivated, skeptical client who wasn’t even really committed or excited to change things about her health.  At least we were friends. :)


Fast forward to nearing the end of our sessions, Lisa has completely flipped my attitude regarding my health! Every session teaches positivity and provides me with an “ah-ha!” moment (or several) that digs a layer deeper to provide me with realizations of WHY I make the choices I do (good and bad) and how to SLOWLY change small habits and ways of thinking in order to really solidify a positive change.  The biggest thing Lisa has taught me is that we have a lifetime of habits ingrained in us and while it won’t take that long to institute new ones, it will take time and little changes will compound into big results.  I feel that for the first time in my life, I am finally on a course of making new health habits (no more yo-yo diet and exercise for me!) that are positive and consistent, and having Lisa there to educate and encourage me is 100% why I am enjoying this success.  


For anyone out there wanting to change your health for the long haul, I encourage you to call Lisa!  The program is so well-rounded and there truly is something for everyone…there are scientific nuggets, deep thinking and introspection, and also some holistic elements that all work together to inspire and empower. Lisa is sooo easy to talk to and helping people is a natural gift of hers…every session leaves me feeling empowered to go out and keep making those positive choices because they are starting to feel better than that chocolate cake! ;)"     -a happy graduate of the 90 day total transformation

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