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Thanks for stopping by The Health Coach WeBlog!

That's right it's a WeBlog! I had to look it up and here's what I found.... "A blog, short for web-log, is a frequently updated web page used for personal commentary or business content."

I didn't know what 'blog' actually meant. Was it an acronym? Was it a term that defined its content, its format, its style? It seems to be a socially agreed upon derivative of all of these and more. I certainly have read a blog or two but before creating one, I thought it was important to understand what exactly 'blog' meant before I embarked on this creative process.

In order to create something new it's important to understand the essence of it so you can consciously determine where you want to take it- don't you think? It seemed prudent to do the necessary Googling and think it through. To me, it is very similar to understanding the basics of anything you might want to create or change before moving forward with creating something new.

Do the research! Get curious! Investigate! Right-on Einstein!!

"I Want "

When you experience a 'want', it is probably in response to something that is taking you in the opposite direction. For example, "I want a drink of water because I am experiencing the physical manifestations of a lack of water right now" aka- "I'm thirsty!". If you think about it, whenever we create something new it is inspired by the opposite- probably what we currently have-whether that is something or, in my case, nothing. Like this weblog, for example, I didn't have one! It was missing from my website and essentially limiting my creating connections with others regarding their health. So now I do and here we go!!!

This is my breakout post but I don't want to make it at all about me. I will be revealed over time, as I become more comfortable sharing and when it makes sense. You are doing the reading and I want to contribute to your day in a positive way. So, who are you? What's important to you regarding your health? That's what is what I am interested in helping you to understand. This is how I want to make an impact - helping me and you to find out what's important for a life that's fires on all cylinders! Create a life that's fulfilling personally, inter-personally and that floats on an abundance of joy on which you can dance freely because you feel amazing! Weeeee!!!!

What is Health to you?

Health is a broad topic and can include:

  • your environment

  • your body- and all the potential 'tests' that indicate your ranking

  • your strength/stamina/flexibility

  • your illness or physical challenges

  • your age

  • your relationship with yourself

Really, these can be summarized into:

  • You- who/what's around you

  • You- your physical body itself

  • You- the conscious mind

Think about it... whittle it down and assess where you actually are or feel that you are in each of these categories. Ask yourself:

  • Are you at peace with all aspects of your health?

  • Where do you need to change or at least 'tweak' your environment and/or behaviors?

  • How are you feeling about the importance of your health? Are your emotions surrounding your body image or actual physical functioning impacting the quality of your life?

The Reality is...

Before embarking on creating something new, it is sooo important to do some 'work', some investigation and some thinking about why 'new' is important to you (like I did before creating my first weblog!). Why do you want improved health or a stronger, leaner body? Or do you? Here's a secret- if it's not that important to you- maybe you can just work on feeling better about where you are in regard to your health or your life? That's a path you can take too.

How you will know the answer to the 'why' is when you can answer the question- Am I suffering right now? Why am I suffering? I know that I want something different. What is important to me about that? On the opposite end of the suffering, the result that we all want in this life is:

  • love. joy, understanding and belonging

Can I get a Hallelujah!? Maybe you already have that? Maybe you are super close!? Identifying the why behind your why could be the most impactful thing for you to investigate your motives and it's a great place to start. Actually, it is the only place that will help you make changes that will stick with you as you become the New You.

To summarize, ask yourself:

  • what is important to me about my health? environment/body/mind

  • why is it important? question if this is your truth

  • am I suffering? why? what is causing it?

  • do I experience negative emotion around aspects of my health, my body?

Next on The Health Coach WeBlog, I will explore more deeply how to uncover the why behind your why, the importance of linking this to your motivations and the impact that finding this answer will have on your results.

Thank you for your participation in the maiden voyage of The Health Coach WeBlog! ...and embracing my evoking the creative license of changing 'web-log' to 'We-Blog' or ....WeBlog. :) I can't do it alone!

Please leave your impressions, feedback, questions below and subscribe for notification of future posts.

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